Product Suite

I am currently working on the development of a series of products and Software as a Service applications (SaaS) which will enable the efficient online processing of HMRC submissions.


Such products require recognition by HMRC and the first of this product suite has been completed for the VAT100 online submission.

HMRC VAT 100 Online Submission Solution

This product has been designed within a multi-tier environment where the core business logic is hosted within Microsoft's Azure Cloud.  This offers an efficient service to end clients who can submit their quartlerly VAT returns via our Web, Windows or Mobile applications.  Additionally the solution has been authored to run within / interfacing the Agresso Business World system (release 5.5 and 5.6).


Finally there is potential for third-party developers to utilise this online VAT service on a subscription basis, so they can develop their own in-house applications which will benefit from a solution which has passed the internet filing recognition process by HMRC.