Korudaz Ltd was established in 2010 to help accommodate the demands of the Unit4 (Agresso) User base across the UK and abroad. 
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Over the past seventeen years, we have worked with many companies to deliver expertise across a spectrum of projects.  Many of these projects have given insight into what a customer needs and the products which serve those requirements.

With this in mind, we take these experiences to develop a set of business applications which will enable users to become much more productive in their daily work and more importantly, have access to software solutions which help them achieve their goals and targets.

Too often software vendors say what cannot be done, well that is where Korudaz is different.

You will use our products and services because we supply what you need and where you have special requirements, then our solutions are developed to offer efficient enhancements to work with your current systems and business processes.

From version 1.1 to the current 4.7, keeping ahead of the .Net arena is a challenge which we enjoy and even more so, putting into practice the tools that Microsoft released to the benefit of business users across the world. As a Microsoft Partner, we aim to provide excellence around the technologies demanded by the customer base.

We have been involved with the development of windows and web applications for a variety of customers and have always risen to the challenge when something completely new was requested, such as mobile development or authoring of web applications that required mapping applications associated with Google Earth or Microsoft's own mapping functionality.

By way of database development, we are comfortable working in all of MS SQL Server, Oracle or Sybase and other relational databases offerings. 

Unit4 ERP (Agresso)

We have over seventeen years of experience within the development and support of the Agresso Business World ERP system, across releases 5.4 to Milestone 7.5.


During our time at Unit4, we were involved with the testing and implementation of release 5.5 even at its beta stage, enabling an in-depth understanding of this release from the ground up. It is this knowledge that affords us the tools to utilise the capabilities of the Agresso product to its maximum effect.

As a developer of the Agresso system, expertise across all modules is a must.  So whether it be Core Financials, PCB or Logistics to name but a few, there is little we haven't been involved with at some point. This could include upgrade work or development of new reports and applications.